Who Are We?

ResumeWriters.com is the largest network of independently contracted resume writing professionals on the internet. We were founded in 1999, as a network of equally qualified resume writers. Unlike other sites, who have one or two writers on staff to handle all the orders they take in, our network allows us to offer you resources that our competitors cannot. We make an effort to work with professional writers from all careers and disciplines. This means that if you're an IT professional, we'll try to place your resume with a writer who has an IT background. We try to do this with all professions, whether you are a teacher or a salesperson or a telecommunications executive. If we feel that we do not have a writer qualified to fulfill your needs, we will refund your order happily and even suggest an unaffiliated resume writer that might be able to help you.

About ResumeWriters.com

In addition to hiring professionals in accordance with the standards of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Directors International, we put all of our writers through our own, in-house, intensive training and apprenticeship programs. When you order a resume through our site, you are assured of two things: 1) Your writer will know how to write a resume for your specific situation. 2) He or she will be fully versed in resume writing format, procedures and standards.

Because each writer is independently contracted, you are really working with them. One of the advantages of pursuing a resume service over the internet is the ease of contact. Your personal resume writer is only an email away. They can contact you at any time to get more information or clarification. Once they email you with your final draft, you can contact them with any changes or revisions or refocusing you might want to do. It's personalized resume service on a scale never before possible.

What A Resume Writer Does

When companies need to sell themselves and their products, they outsource the job to professionals. They hire professional advertisers and marketers who know how to sell a company, how to market a product and to brand an image. In many ways, your job search puts you in a similar position. You need to need to sell yourself. You have to differentiate yourself from your competition. You have to brand yourself and put across the image of a winning, dynamic employee. In short, when your potential employer asks the question, "Why should I hire you?" You need to have a convincing answer.

In the modern job market, job seekers no longer have to go it alone. They can hire professionals to help them. They can outsource the difficult, challenging aspects of the job search to professionals who know how to get results. At ResumeWriters.com, we offer you guaranteed professional service. Think of us as your own personal marketing firm. We will sell your candidacy in the most effective way, helping you stand out from the crowd, and enabling you to brand yourself as the innovative, valuable employee that you are.

What Makes ResumeWriters.com The Best

There are plenty of resume writing services on the internet. Most are operated by individual resume writers working alone. What makes us different?

  1. Our vast network of professional resume writers means that we can match you with the writer most qualified to complete your resume. Sole-proprietor resume writing firms cannot offer this level of specialized service. They can only offer you one resume writer to handle all resume orders, no matter what the career or background.

  2. We offer you specialized writers who are qualified to handle your specific situation. We have more resources available than any of our competitors. Instead of merely offering you a one-size-fits all resume with a cover letter, we have numerous levels of services and products. You can get every job search document you'll ever need from us, including e-resumes, scannable resumes and interview follow-up letters. In addition, we have services including resume consultation and coaching, editing, and resume distribution.

  3. Did we mention we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau? Click here to see our rating. Do other resume services mention their BBB ratings? Did you ever wonder why not?

Who Founded ResumeWriters.com?

Who is behind ResumeWriters.com? That's one of the funny things about most resume companies... they tend to want to hide behind a certain level of anonymity to suggest "bigness." But I know we're the biggest, oldest and best resume writing company in North America, so we don't have to pretend. Let me tell you who founded ResumeWriters.com and then I'll tell you the ResumeWriters.com story.

Brian McCullough, Founder of ResumeWriters.com

That's me on the right, Brian McCullough. Most people know me either as the author of the best-selling book How The Internet Happened - From Netscape to the iPhone (Amazon author page) or as the host of the daily Techmeme Ride Home podcast (subscribe here). I also host the Internet History Podcast. I was an inaugural TED Resident (my TED Talk is here). I founded two other companies, WhereAreTheJobs.com and WhoToTalkTo.com in the early 2000s. I've written some stuff. Here's my LinkedIn profile if you're interested. But enough about me...

The ResumeWriters.com Story

What is most important for our purposes is that before all that, I founded ResumeWriters.com—all the way back in March of 1999—when I was still in college.

(This is the earliest snapshot of the site I could find on the WayBack Machine. Tip: those other companies that claim they have been in business for 20 years like we have? Enter their website into the WayBack Machine. You might be surprised by their true age.)

When I couldn't write all the resumes myself—when I graduated and moved from writing resumes for fellow graduates to writing resumes for professionals all around the world—there was only one thing that I knew to do: partner with other resume writing professionals. There are hundreds of Certified, trained professionals in North America who make their living helping people write resumes and land jobs. I just reached out to those I knew by reputation and asked them to partner with me. I asked them to treat my clients the way treated their own—direct, personally, with care and precision. That is the same way we work to this day. That's why we're called ResumeWriters instead of something like ResumeCompany. We are a world-renowned collective of professional resume writers. Same as we were from day one.

Twenty years on, I've seen everything in this industry. From the dialup era to social media and the mobile web. Every boom and bubble and recession from the dotcom bubble to the housing bust. Every change in all sorts of industries down to the present day. I've been to Resume Writing conferences, HR conferences, recruiter conferences... I've spoken at Fortune 500 companies and universities on employment trends all the way up to the coming "gig economy."

But, again, most importantly for our purposes, I know nearly every professional resume writer working in the industry today. I know them either directly (we've worked with some writers for our entire 20 years in business) or by reputation. We only work with writers we know are true Pros... just under 100 are currently on our partner list. That's how I know whether some new resume company that pops up out of nowhere is for real or not. Are our writers working with them? No? Then they're probably not worth trusting.

Quite simply, no one has been doing Resume Writing at a true professional level longer than I and our team of Professional Resume Writers have. Ask around and you'll find that it's true.